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iVenture Multi-Asset Investment Performance

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

This post reviews, iVentures Algorithmic investment performance across 12 Assets in which it produced a 14% return on $359,000 of capitol on a demo accounts over 9 weeks as part of a short term development trial.

During 9 weeks of operation, FXG executed 22,811 transactions with 2,396 unprofitable transactions which resulted in a loss. The average profit per profitable transaction was $3.9 and the average unprofitable transaction was $2.4. A total of $85,2740 was banked however since there were still a number of processing transactions in play that were not in profit the equity at the point of recording the metric snapshot was $50,878. This meant that although $85K was banked if I were to close all open orders we would walk away with $50k.

1. Growth Comparison

The below chart represents the growth in equity during the trial operation. Trial 1 for example was initiated on Nov 22, 2021, and steadily grew to the end of January and produced a return of over 80%. Trial 3 which was initiated in early December, 2021 and grew more rapidly to 75% growth. The remaining trials saw much slower growth of 5-25% since they are larger accounts of 100K and 50K respectively.

2. Multi-Asset Performance

Our AI Bot was tested over 14 assets which included, indices, metals, and commodities. The versatility of the software is telling as produces consistent results over a range of assets. The average win rate consistently exceeds 90% in most markets over thousands of transactions.

3. Performance Metrics

The following is a snapshot of the daily and monthly returns which is was tracked via These returns speak for themselves. The astute reader will key in on the Drawdown, which indicates how aggressive Bot was configured. A Drawdown is the % of negative equity in the account. The more aggressive the configuration the higher the risk of depleting capital. A Drawdown of 80% or more is a sign of a badly managed account, poor selection of an opportunity or a significant adverse market move.

4. Conclusion

Our AI Driven Investment Bots continue to exceed all performance expectations. The above results were produced with minimal human management/ oversight which is very encouraging. The Bots can be managed remotely from any smart device or desktop which adds to its operating versatility.

Disclaimer: All claims to the above metrics were based on raw data downloaded from the brokerage account which is made available for Transparency in the appendix. If you see anything that is incorrect or misstated in the blog through your own analysis we will be happy to review and correct.


1. Combined Raw Data: Download excel file containing consolidated Metrics

FX Genius Consolidated Data
Download CSV • 4.98MB

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